About Us:

Kamran Tax & Financial Services Inc, started in a humble way in October of 1999 as a Solo man business. As the business begun growing, it was incorporated in January 2002.

The founder of the company, Mr. Kamran Naeem, who had worked for more than 20 years in the field of taxes, consulting and bookkeeping, was tired of working for others; realizing that the accumulated experience vested in him was a good basis to started his own business venture and to offer his services to the community; and so, the firm Kamran Tax and Financial Services Inc. was created.

The business started slowly but steady in the first two years and suddenly begun picking up gradually to the point that it had to add additional talents to the team, adding up, now a day, up to five employees.

It was impressive to see that revenue and the number of clients jumped up three fold; allowing the company to be able to support the salaries related with such manpower growth; as well as the other expenses.

There was steady growth of clients. Corporate clients jump from 15 to 175, individual tax return jumped from 25 to 550 and we keep growing.

Mr. Kamran is proud to express that he had never used marketing or advertising tool to get to this point and that all his clients came on board from word of mouth, from other satisfied and happy clients, in a very consistent and effective way. He believes that the main secrete to this success story is the quality of work and honesty and sincere communication with his clients.